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New application for Additional Licence

IMPORTANT: You need to read the below information BEFORE applying for an Additional (HMO) licence.

Are you applying for a licence where the property (house or flat):

Has 5 or more people in occupation, comprising 2 or more households

AND where those occupants share a basic amenity (such as a kitchen, bathroom or WC) OR if any of the occupants have an amenity (that although dedicated to their sole use) is NOT situated actually within their flat.

Please note that if you have a property in the Additional (HMO) Licensing area/s AND your property falls into the above description, you need to apply for a Mandatory (HMO) Licence GO TO APPLY NOW above and select Mandatory Licence Application if you are unsure please email landlord.licensing@sefton.gov.uk before you submit an Additional licence.

One application is required per property.

Who should be the licence holder?

If you are applying for an 'Additional (HMO) Licence' for a single self-contained flat which is in multiple occupation (i.e. is occupied by 3 or more persons comprising 2 or more households) then the most appropriate person to hold and apply for the licence will be the flat owner, manager or agent.

If you are applying for an 'Additional (HMO) Licence' for a converted block of self-contained flats (which is a HMO under section 257 of the Housing Act 2004) and where several flats may be owned by different owners or if there are owner-occupied flats, you should click here for further guidance on who should hold and apply for the Additional (HMO) Licence.

To ensure you apply correctly click here.

This application will take around 45 minutes.

NOTE: If you have more than one property to licence have you completed the ‘My Profile’ section. If you have not click on ‘My Account’ BEFORE you complete this form. You can then choose the ‘Saved Data’ option when shown and select the relevant parties information, this will save you time and the need to duplicate this information.

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

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Please enter the email address you wish us to contact you on regarding this application. The email address you use to register your account should be one which is regularly monitored. Companies are advised to use a main office email and not one for an individual employee. We may also send you on occasion, information relevant to ensuring your legal obligations are met with regards to both licensing and across the private-rented sector; and also to advise of any training opportunities or landlord forums in the area. If you change the email address on your account you should inform us at landlord.licensing@sefton.gov.uk.

This email address is already linked to an incomplete application. Would you like to resume the existing application, or start a new one?

Your application has now been started. If you stop your application and need to resume it at a later date, click the Resume Application link on the website and enter the following code:

This code has also been emailed to you. Please keep a note of this code so that you can resume your application later in case you do not complete it in one go.